The mattress protector or mattress protector is a classic accessory for baby bedding. It protects the mattress from stains and moisture. Does the mattress sheet have to be waterproof, in what material? Find out how to choose well.

What is the mattress protector used for?

On cribs as well as on adult bedding, the mattress protector covers several functions. Firstly, it protects the mattress from possible leaks. It is also used to protect the mattress from moisture caused by perspiration. This is a fact that we do not always think about. The mattress sheet will absorb all this moisture, so you don’t have to wash the mattress too often and increase its lifespan. For the crib, a mattress protector is synonymous with hygiene. This equipment is easily replaced and washed. Does the question now remain how to choose the right baby mattress protector? choose a baby cradle mattress protector baby mattress protector choice.


A waterproof mattress protector on the baby's mattress?

We know that the baby mattress protector is placed above the sheet or the fitted sheet. Many wonder if one can opt for a waterproof mattress protector. The question remains relevant when we know that a waterproof mattress protector is made of synthetic material. But yes you can very well choose a waterproof baby mattress protector. This can be vinyl, PVC or polyurethane. Just be sure to put a cotton sheet over it for baby’s comfort. There are other models, permeable of course, but healthier. These are made from fleece, organic cotton or bamboo fibers and can be anti-dust mites.


Dimensions, an important criterion

For a baby’s mattress protector, we often forget to take the dimensions of the mattress. If the purchased mattress pad is too large, you can still fold it under the mattress. If, on the contrary, it is too small, it may move and affect baby’s comfort. So take care to take the exact measurements of the mattress before purchasing the mattress sheet. Generally speaking, you will find three different sizes on the market. For the bassinet, a mattress protector of 30 x 70 cm or 40 x 80 cm will be sufficient. The cradle models are 60 cm wide and 120 cm long. If you have a larger crib, choose the 70 x 140 cm format instead.


Choice of mattress protector shape

In the range of baby mattress protectors , you have three options in terms of shape. First you have the tray mattress. Simple, this model is simply placed on the crib. Most are now equipped with 4 elastic at the corners to ensure excellent support. You then have the fitted mattress protector which is placed like a fitted sheet. This is generally elasticated at the cups, all around the mattress protector or only on the widths. Finally, you have the full mattress protectors. These models cover the entire mattress. They often incorporate a zipper to easily cover the mattress or remove the cover.


Choice of material

The choice of material is essential for the baby’s comfort. With this in mind, you must take into account the temperature variations between summer and winter:

In summer, opt for a mattress protector made from a material that is both cool and absorbent, such as sponge.

When the thermometer begins to drop, use a soft material that is a source of heat, such as fleece or jersey.

In all cases :

always make sure that the fabric of the mattress protector is 100% cotton (possibly with polyurethane protection to counter diaper overflows);

to protect your baby from chemical substances, preferably opt for an organic model;

finally, check that the material has also undergone an anti-dust mite treatment.

And, to prepare a cozy and healthy cocoon for your newborn baby, don’t forget to consult our guide to baby mattresses !

The interest in a mattress mattress

Choosing a baby mattress is finding the perfect product that will combine protection, comfort, and convenience!

Its primary role is in fact to protect your child’s mattress against minor nighttime accidents. A layer quickly overflows!

The absorbent properties of the baby mattress protector also prevent your child from sleeping on a damp sheet. Ideal for the comfort of the little ones, a waterproof and soft mattress sheet will allow them to spend beautiful nights.

Do not neglect the practical aspect either: the mattress sheet must be machine washable!

tediber baby mattress sheet

The different types of baby mattress protectors

There are several models of mattress protectors. Knowing them will help you decide which mattress pad to choose for your baby!

Tray model

It simply sits on the mattress. Four elastic bands at the corners allow it to be fixed. Inexpensive, on the other hand, it has the annoying tendency to move with the child, which makes it less effective. Rubber bands can also relax over time. Another drawback is that it is generally not very breathable. In this form, there are also disposable mattress pads, ideal for traveling.

Fitted sheet model

In the form of a fitted sheet, this elasticated draw sheet has cups on the sides. It therefore also protects the sides of the mattress and stays in place.

This is the case of the incredible Tediber baby mattress: this magic sheet is waterproof, absorbent, and very soft. It is a 2 in 1 product, both fitted sheet, and mattress pad. Breathable, waterproof, and soft at the same time!

Integral model

This mattress protector covers the entire mattress in the form of a zipper cover. It protects perfectly but can be tedious to install depending on your crib and is not always breathable.

Tediber baby mattress

Choosing the right size baby mattress

For it to fulfill its role perfectly, it is essential to choose a baby mattress sheet with the right dimensions. Too large, it can certainly be folded under the mattress but risks slipping and forming unpleasant folds. Too small, it will not hold well in place and will dislodge at the slightest opportunity.

The draw sheet must be chosen to match the exact dimensions of your child’s bed mattress:

Models for baskets: 30×70 cm or 40×80 cm

Models for cradle and cot: 60×120 cm or 70×140 cm

tediber baby mattress sheet

The material of the baby mattress

Of course, you need to choose a comfortable baby mattress for your child. The material of the cot sheet is therefore very important: what to choose among all the possibilities?

Thanks to the research and efforts of manufacturers, mattresses have changed a lot since those of our childhood. Today there are quiet, soft, and absorbent materials that are both waterproof and breathable. They do not leave the child wet all night, while perfectly protecting the mattress!

Their comfort side is very often made of cotton: fleece, terry cloth, jersey or terrycloth. A waterproof mattress pad also has a leak-proof synthetic face.

The Tediber draw sheet is made of one side 100% combed cotton extra soft for the comfort of your child. This is the side that replaces the fitted sheet. On the other side, its waterproof and breathable Softcell® membrane ensures the protection of the mattress and the well-being of the little sleeper. It is also anti-mites!

Choose a baby mattress with the oeko tex 100 certifications.

baby mattress tediber mattress

Easy maintenance

When choosing a baby mattress, think practical: it should make your life easier!

So opt for a machine washable mattress pad, with your usual detergent. In order to preserve its properties over the long term, try not to wash it more than 3 times a month. The ideal is to provide several mattress pads to operate a bearing.

By focusing on its practical and comfortable aspects, you can easily choose the baby mattress that suits you!